Beasts are more Humane than Humans


Few days ago watching a TV documentary about Animal Kingdom reminded me how opposite and worse human beings behave than animals. They live in herds, eat from the same bush, drink from the same pond but yet learn to love and share each other sorrows and joys. Beasts who are known to devour each other’s live in harmony, unity and peacefully than diametrically opposite life-style to Mr Human?

Look around what human beings are doing to each other. They belong to the same race, Live on the same planet, eat from the same earth. Yet behave differently than animals.

Every day we hear about the axis of evil modern man has drawn himself into. Cases of Rapes, Murder, Killings, Bombings, War… Man biting another man seems to be our favourite news article every day.

My thoughts go back to 23 year old Indian girl who was raped and later died in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore on 29th December, 2012 which I reported on ShekinahToday. This is a sad example of the ruin and rampage of our modern world.

Amidst the protest and mourning of a pervious rape, Another 21 year girl has been gang-raped in India over the weekend while Police mishandled the case when her father approached the police who implied she might have fled with someone. The list of such girls and their tragic fate is daily sad routine – silent Victims of atrocious acts.

In South Asian countries which are mostly, male dominated society. Men are always taken to have rights to do decisions for the entire family especially women, for good or for bad. Women are thought to be taken as submissive, under the beck and call of their male masters.

On many occasion, male members of the society deliberately take their gender as a benefit and undue credit to satiate their lust and find women as their “Soft Prey” behind the shadows of their homes, under the veneer of male superiority or take male gender as a licence to play havoc with lives of hundreds of innocent lives.

After reading about the sad incident of this poor Indian girl, I shied from the thought of being a man. What was on the minds of these beasts? Driven with lust, sex starved or trying to show the male chauvinism to this angelic Indian girl?

The tragic effects of rape, this tragic event, remain fresh in the memory of a woman in all her born days. Sometimes the trauma of the events is too much to bear — sometimes it results in suicide if not well taken care of with medical assistance.

Thousands of cases, suchlike both in India and Pakistan go unreported due to the various fears, girls and families fear with – the social stigma which sees the victim with the eyes of doubts and suspicion and shame. Most times the victims of sex crimes become the culprit or seen as such.

Just in the case of this Indian girl where while whole India is mourning on the sad death of girl Asarm Bapu, a self-styled guru deems this raped girl is responsible of her own fate. This stereotype thinking towards rape and sex crimes, the slow run cases in the courts, Cases being dropped by the family due to the influential lords who bribe the victim or the family, Ongoing threats to victimize the family contribute towards the cases being dropped. Such situation becomes the hotbed and fans to the flames of lust which lurk around, clawing every opportunity which comes on their way.

According to Awaz, A foundation Centre for Development reports that Alone in 2012 around 2,713 cases of violence have been reported against women in Pakistan.

This is only the tip of an iceberg. The magnitude of such heinous crimes is far too large in rural areas where the shame, stigma, trauma, depression and life-long stress is the only portion of such women. While men dance outside at the beat of their whims.

According to the National Statistic of Record Bureau of Conviction in rape cases in India, around 15,432 cases were decided countrywide in 2011.

According to some reports, around 650 cases of rape are reported in India one month while the reported cases rose nearly 17 percent between 2007 and 2011.

While India is still mourning the death of the gang raped girl who gestured towards heaven on her deathbed is a reminder of atrocities of the bestial animals who run around our midst.

Let us treat our animals equal to their crimes before they turn and dare to devour us as well.

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8 Responses to Beasts are more Humane than Humans

  1. OyiaBrown says:

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown and commented:
    These perpetrators actually are worse than animals.

  2. Masud says:

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  3. jericho777 says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog and commented:
    Rapist should receive either the death penalty or an automatic life sentence…And to say that a harsher sentence jeopardizes the woman’s life is absolutely irresponsible as I have heard it said far to often, most are likely to be killed any way…Life terms for rape and child molestation period….
    Great essay Shekinah

    • Thanks for your comment. I agree with you. Rapists always get their way and keep playing with lives of vulnerable women . I think we can curb such an evil with stringent legalisation to give some life and freedom to the women.

      Thanks for being an encouragement.

      Very Kind Regards,

  4. Dear All,
    Thanks for all your appreciation and encouragement. Let us voice together against the vices in our world and make this world a better place. Thanks

  5. Sana Zainab says:

    O my God ,,,,,,,sad to hear all these things,,,,this is the very dark picture of our society .that man are worse than a animals

    • Hi Sana,

      Thanks for your comment. We believe that difference is made when societal evils are brought into light and awareness is made through different media channels. We hope our articles bring the true picture and what we can do to make our world a better place to live. Thanks

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