The Silent Majority

Many a times when we turn on the TV, or get to read a newspaper or engage in a conversation with someone regarding the situation in our country or around the world we are appalled to realize the problems, endless issues of political and religious instability, deep economic depression and people being enthralled with myriads of issues.

We all hanker for a change of some kind here or there. What do we do about it?

What bugs me most is the silent majority of those who do not move a muscle about it and yet complain for countless things which are wrong in the world or in life.


The ready blames are the things they never sorted out because of their impulsive decision, or out of their own stubbornness which later turns out to haunt them for the rest of their lives. The most easy solution is to play a blame game- we are all dab hand at it.

I recently been engaged in a conversation with a friend about the “persecution of minorities” in our world. We discussed about the situation of the persecuted people, families, and communities who are daily victimized, terrorized and discriminated because of them being “different” in some shape and form.

Their children who are open to every kind of pain, suffering and ridicule is before the glare of their parents, who are incapable to guard their own progeny due to society which looks down upon the minority. The are between the devil and deep blue sea.

In West, we often observe and feel we are relatively better off with the problems we tend to hear through media in other countries. We feel something thousand miles away has nothing to do with me in the comfort and liberty of my life here in the West.

Do you really think so ?

I believe we all are not unaffected with the vices and problems which has a universality attached to it. We all are in the same boat and we have to think and feel the pain of the people even though we can not wholly understand their situation.

The “Silent Majority” in the West easily manages not to be affected by the issues of minorities in other parts of the world because a) the media does not project the incidents of religious persecution, b) we enjoy being snuggled in in our own comfort zone and c) we are so much used to our freedom that we take it for granted and make it a habit without cherishing it.

The problems of persecution can well be tackled if we all agree to act upon it.                  When we feel the pain of the million of persecuted minorities across the world.                        If we let their pain be ours.

The silent Majority should be shouting out loud to make sure their voices are heard for the better change in our world.

Are we all prepared to take this initiative on board to be the part of the shouting minority?

Bio Shahid Khan

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1 Response to The Silent Majority

  1. It’s mostly just the hidden parts, is what kills and its killing us all,and if we can’t get it together, before all hell breaks loose, we all loose!

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