Aasia Bibi- A Picture of Faith or Misery   


By Shahid Khan Four years ago a Christian poor woman, a farm hand and a mother of five was accused of using derogatory words in small village of Ittianwalai in District Shaikupura in Punjab province of Pakistan. Pakistan court gave her death sentence and she is languishing in her prison cell, pending an appeal with fears lurking within the jail as well as outside.

The news of Aasia Bibi accused of blasphemy went around in the world like a wildfire. Loads of articles were penned down and countless campaigns hit the road and on the computers in a favor to release Aasia Bibi and the repeal of Pakistan’s draconian blasphemy laws.  Many human rights organizations and activists sprang into action to voice the vice which often engulfs the poor, down-trodden  and the venerable fabric of Pakistan’s society.

Background of the Aasia Case

On June 8, 2009 while working on a farm near her village Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman, mother of five, found herself into a hot debate over the matter of drinking water from the same glass. The conversation between the women was ignited by religion. The verbal altercation ensued. The atmosphere became tense. With some reporting the village men noosed her into the village because of allegations of insulting to Islam. The day came to end its end but the enmity took its birth on the very day. For Aasia, the introduction to troubles started from that day on until the day of writing these lines. Her endless ordeal began.

After 8 days, the local Muslim cleric along with the three Muslim women went to the local police station to file First Investigation Report (FIR) against Aasia Bibi for using derogatory words against the Prophet Muhammad. Aasia Bibi was taken into police custody on the heresy that she used insulting word

Governor Salman Taseer with Aasia Bibi

Following was an international outcry, which involved Pope Benedict XVI who also demanded release for Aasia and those who stood against the blatant tyranny and oppression who were brave and tireless advocates for the repeal of blasphemy laws. Shahbaz Bhatti, the federal Minister of Minorities and Salman Taseer, Governor of Punjab, both were killed for siding with the repeal of Pakistan blasphemy law which has claimed several hundred lives of minorities in Pakistan.

Aasia Bibi became the first woman in the history of Pakistan who has been sentenced to death.  She applied for clemency under Article 45 to the president of Pakistan

Travesty of Justice

According to many reports, Aasia Bibi  had no access to a fair trial. During her sentence she did not have any access to any solicitor. It is also very disturbing to know that on the day when Pakistani court announced her death sentence, she was not represented by any legal personal.  She later told that she was asked to put her thumbprint on a paper. The court did not explain those documents to her neither dedicated anybody to do so.

Generally, the cases which involves Capital Punishment cannot proceed in the court without any legal representation. If the accused does not have any representation, it is the duty of the court to arrange a lawyer for the accused. In Aasia Bibi’s case, neither of them were met.

Procedural Lapses

What makes the matters more complicated for Aasia,  is that there are  long queues for appeals. It will take years till Aasia’s appeal is heard in the court. There is a five year back log of cases. The High Court is dealing with the appeals which were lodged say,  five years ago. The Chief Justice of Pakistan  can use his prerogative to prioritize any case although it is highly unlikely in Aasia Bibi’s case which means that she would have to wait years upon years till her appeal is heard.

In the meantime cases like Aasia, languish in the prisons, or become victims of someone’s fury.

Price on Aasia’s Head

Aasia Bibi also has a price over her head. A radical Muslim has promised, 500,000 rupies (around £3,700, $5,800) to the lover of Prophet Muhammed who would kill her. In a country which was founded on the name of religion which harbors more than 180 million Muslims there are countless “Lovers” who are ready to find their chance for the “reward”.

The local Imam, Muhammed Salim told in a report to the CNN that “Her (Aasia Bibi) death sentence was one of the happiest moments of his life, “Tears of joys poured from my eyes” said Muhammed Salim.

There are also threats from different factions of Islam who believe that a anybody who is blasphemous deserves death. There is a sad history of extra- judicial killings in Pakistan. Upon acquittal, there are dangers lurking behind. People driven by hatred and passion for their religion, do not hesitate to take law in their own hands. They often kill people in the police custody.

The two Christian brothers, Rashid Emmanuel (Pastor) and Sajid Emmanuel (Student) were accused of blasphemy, were gunned down while they were coming out of court on 19th July, 2009 in the police custody in handcuffs.

According to Human Rights Commission of Pakistan there are more than 45 extra-Judicial killing in Pakistan.


Daughters of Aasia Bibi holding their mother’s picture

Aasia Bibi’s husband, Ashiq Masih  has expressed his concern about the safety of the family to several times. He expressed his fears and concerns  several times that he has received threats from different sources. He also appealed to the Government of Spain to help free his wife and grant her Asylum last December during a visit in Spain which was organized by  Hazte Oir, a Spanish Catholic campaign group.


Aasia Bibi, is the name of a woman, who stood for her Christian Faith. In the hot and volatile climate of Pakistan where members of minorities fear to express openly if they are a minority in the first place the innocent is pleaded guilty.

Let us reinvigorate ourselves with a steely determination to help free our sister.  We hope that you will  start a campaign for the release of Aasia Bibi wherever you are by calling for clemency from President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari to pardon Aasia Bibi so that she can reunite with her family.

Otherwise there are too many who are waiting to shoot her including the foreign Minister of Pakistan, Rehman Malik who openly said that “He himself will shoot any blasphemer”.


Let us just remember Aasia in our prayers, thoughts, and let us endeavor to stand up against the oppression, tyranny to help unshackle those like Aasia who are bound by the handcuffs and chained by the unjust way of our world. Let us demand the release of Aasia who has become the victim of injustice and who is falling backward in the abyss of hopelessness and darkness with every passing day.


Bio Shahid Khan

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9 Responses to PAKISTAN

  1. zobariaali says:

    Aasia bibi had no right to say anything against prophet Muhammad pbuh. If she had any negative opinions she should have kept them to herself. She sjould have known better considering the environment and people shes living around. But I do think she should have gotten a fair trial. If she has no evil in her heart than maybe things will change for her and she’ll be free.

    • Dear Zobariaali,

      thank you for your comment.

      No-one should be afraid to speak his or her mind openly. On top in Aasia’s case it is not even clear if and what she said and her faith got denounced by her work fellows – would she have no right to stand up for her beliefs?
      But we are glad that you agree that Aasia should have gotten a fair trial – and surely a death sentence goes far beyond the severity of an argument among laborers – religious or not.

      • zobariaali says:

        I am not saying that she doesn’t have a right to stand up for her beliefs(everyone does), and yeah we don’t even know what that conversation was about exactly which is why she should have gotten a fair trial to figure out exactly what had happened. And on the contrary the people whom she was talking to should have just ignored her or something….it wouldn’t have lead to this. I just hope at the end justice will be served. No one deserves to die like that unless they committed murder or something of that sort.

      • Dear Zobaria Ali,

        Thanks for your kind comment. I deem it wise to agree with you . The culture of tolerance exudes understanding between people of different faiths and the rule of the law should be upheld regardless of faith, race, colour and creed.

        Thanks and Regards

  2. OyiaBrown says:

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.

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