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“A Just society is determined through the treatment of its minorities”

One would have to be egregiously undemocratic, unjust at heart or prejudiced towards minorities if one chooses to brand a society as just despite knowing that minorities in that society are being mistreated. An equal treatment of minorities in a … Continue reading

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Cardinal calls for Interfaith  harmony among Christians and Muslims ShekinahToday 7th February 2013 : Cardinal John Onaiyekan calls for peace, love and harmony among Muslims and Christians in Nigeria. According to the news published on the Star news the Catholic … Continue reading

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Nigeria: Islamists cut throats of 15 innocent Christians

ShekinahToday 31.12.2012 The Nigerian village of Musari has been attacked by suspected Islamists on Friday 28.12.2012. According to The Telegraph an anonymous relief official states that ‘the attackers broke into selected homes and slaughtered 15 people in their sleep.’ The … Continue reading

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