Love…Larger Than Life…


Love is a feeling, an emotion and a force of nature. It is intriguing, fascinating,deep and beyond our human comprehension. Love has been a main theme for many writers, authors and philosophers to delve deep into it. Love remains unfathomable. However, It is so simple to be seen through the glint of a loving and smiling eye and yet so huge and large than a life. What is love ?

According to a research, Love is the most common word googled in the last year 2012.

Love carries the fascination for Millions of people who want to know it. Their insatiable hunger for knowing love is incomplete. Their knowledge is limited. Love is scarce. They look for love. To find it in books, In articles, In the world , on the crosses. Where is love ? Hidden or Lost ? Or we blinded to see love in our midst.

Love has different shades and colours. It is oftend described at variety of levels, Love for family, friends, country, religion, race and so on and each of love comes with different varient, it is strong, self-less, passionate, tragic, fickle, deep, strong and , uncoditional.

Love is Greatest of feelings : It is like emotions and feelings which spring up within your inner being. They are uncontrolled but flowing unstoppable like a water flowing from the mountain´s top. The feel of love is the most precious thing in the world. You can not express it yet love finds its expression in variety of ways and feelings.

Love is Life : Many a times we feel that love is everything. Without love there is no meaning in life. Life stands still if there is no love. Love is so powerful feeling that we can ever imagine. Love determines our destinations. It puts our life on meaningful track. It has power to life. Love holds the key to life. Without love, life becomes a burden, a sheer existence. Without love, it is a legless life.

Love is Free: We pay for everything in life yet Love is free. Which is way it becomes an enigma for many to understand how love can be free. Love does not have a price tag. It is absolutely free. It can not be sold in the market nor It can be traded. It is not a commidity either nor it has some kind of form. It is formless, It is shapless, It has no substance.

Love is untamed : Love can not be aped. It can not be foxed. You can not learn love, It comes like the rays of the sun touching the earth unstoppable and unhindered or like water who finds it own way among the rocks and moutains of the earth.. It can not be tamed or made to learn.

Love is selfless: Love is not self-centered. Love does not find its own advatage or benefit. Love is entirely selfless. It does not seek its own pleasure rather love gives. It finds immense joy in giving. Love does not demand anything. Love centers on “Others”.

Love is Patient: Love does not rush. It rather endures. Love knows the pain. Love knows to be happy and content even in hard times. It rather believes in hopes. Love does not demand things. It does not impose anything.

Love is Limitless: Love does not have any boundary. It is endless like the sky. It is not confined within rules and regulations. It is not determined by the guidelines mentioned in any dictonary. Love is inherently boundless. It´s very being is limitless.

Love is Humble : Love is not arrogrant. It rather believes in meekness and humility. It does not boast about anything. Love does not believe in “ I am the best”. Or Love does not say “ I can do what I want to do”. Rather love seeks the “interests” of others and takes delight in them. Love knows not to parade of oneself but it finds pleasure in other.

Love is Everything: Love encompasses everything in life. It knows the pain of heart . It also knows the joy seated in the eyes. It is so present elsewhere in the world. It weeps at the wrong in the world . It also jump with the joys of the heart. It has a temerity to speak the truth and stand aganist the evil. It is so intimate. Love is life. Life is Love. What else Love is ?

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2 Responses to Love…Larger Than Life…

  1. Cindy says:

    I think your by-line is missing a “to.” Reaching out “to” the world with positive thinking….
    I LOVE your blog post!

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