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“A Just society is determined through the treatment of its minorities”

One would have to be egregiously undemocratic, unjust at heart or prejudiced towards minorities if one chooses to brand a society as just despite knowing that minorities in that society are being mistreated. An equal treatment of minorities in a … Continue reading

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 FOUR CHRISTIANS SENTENCED TO 80 LASHES FOR DRINKING COMMUNION WINE  ShekinahToday 25th October, 2013: A court in the Iranian city of Rasht has sentenced four members of the Church of Iran denomination to 80 lashes each for drinking wine during a … Continue reading

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Christian persecution continues under the nose of Government Shekinahtoday 20th May 2013:  Christians in Iran make around 300,000 (0,4%) of the total population which is estimated around 74.8 million. There are around 600 Churches in Iran which are home to … Continue reading

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