Australia: Christians call upon PM to renounce Islamic Conference

ShekinahToday 08.01.2013 The Australian Party “Australian Christians” called upon Prime Minister Julia Gillard to renounce the March 2013 conference of the Islamic Research & Educational Academy (IREA).

Julia Gillard had reverserd her decision to speak at a conference of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) in October 2012 after the ACL leader Jim Wallace was reported that he said that a homesexual lifestyle is more hazardous to health than smoking.

Wallace denied the wording of the statement of a conference in Tsamania in September 2012. However, Australian same-sex-marriage campaigners reacted outrageous and called upon the Prime Minister to take distance from the ACL.

Gillard recognised Wallace’s words as offensive and heartless and in consequence stayed away from the ACL conference.

Australian Christians now request Prime Minister Julia Gillard to apply same standards towards the conference IREA is going to hold in March 2013.

According to IREA 20 000 Muslims are expected to attend their conference as well as few thousand non-Muslims who are invited as part of interfaith dialogue.

Under same pretext of interfaith harmony IREA has invited the Prime Minister and members of parliament to speak at the conference.

The list of speakers however implements that the interfaith dialogue is nothing more but masquerade and that IREA does not follow a moderate approach at all.

Speaker Dr Zakir Naik (M.D.) from India openly recommends capital punishment for homosexuals and further promotes death penalty for those who abandon Islam. He broadcasts his views on his Mumbai based TV channel “Peace TV” as much as on Youtube. In one of his videos he explained that men have the right to beat women lightly as long as the face is not hit and no marks are left. On another occasion he stated that “every Muslim should be a terrorist”. As consequence of his extreme views he has been banned from entering Canada and the UK.

IREA also invited Assim Al Hakeem a Saudi Arabian Sheik who was prevented of speaking at Hertfordshire University in UK after massive protests of student human rights organisations after he stated that homosexuals are despised by Allah and that women have to obey their husbands at any time and that it is appropriate to beat them if they do not. On his Youtube channel Hakeem recommended female circumcision and compared it to a haircut or cutting nails.

As a local speaker IREA presented Abu Hamza of the Islamic Information Service Network (IISN). Hamza made himself known by describing “the proper way to beat your wife”.

These three are only few examples of the mindset IREA clearly promotes on their conference.

ShekinahToday stands with Australian Christians and calls upon Julia Gillard to apply same standards to the IREA conference as she did before towards the ACL meeting.

Despite religion there has to be respect for human rights of freedom and equality at all times.

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