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“What is my future”? “Do minorities have any? ShekinahToday 24th September, 2013:  Religious minorities in Pakistan have long suffered to get the freedom they have always yearned for since the creation of Pakistan in 1947. The country’s flag bears two … Continue reading

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Pakistan Security Lapse: Two Blasts rocked the Church

ShekinahToday 22nd September 2013: The old and historic church of Pakistan  was bombed in Khohati Gate, Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. More than 60 are killed are 125 are injured. The death toll is on the rise. Church … Continue reading

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Peace is all I need…

Peace is all what I need and long for I want it and Live it Away from all the clamour of life And the burden of my days Which devours my inner stream of joy The ceaseless cosmetic life, I … Continue reading

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