ShekinahToday 31th May, 2013:  George Naz, a Christian resident  from Jehlum city on the bank of Jehlum River from the North of Punjab Province became another victim of Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws.

According to the reports, George Naz who works in District Municipal Administration was accused of criticising blasphemy laws during a demonstration staged in the city over Badami Bagh tragedy which resulted in torching of more than 178 Christian houses in Lahore,  the Eastern City of Punjab Province in March.

The local Muslim clerics accused Mr Naz for using inflammatory language on the banner during the demonstration earlier this month as well as his open and harsh criticism over blasphemy laws.

The local Muslim community expressed their concerns as religious sentiments escalated after the demonstration between Muslims and Christians.

The angry mob later contacted local Police station and accused Mr Naz of committing blasphemy. The police authorities gave in to the local pressure and a First Investigation Report (FIR) was lodged against him.


The local Police however, has not caught Mr Naz as he went into hiding for the fear of being attacked by Muslims.

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws have been internationally criticised and Government being unable to protect rights and lives of religious minorities in Pakistan.

The latest incidence of blasphemy included torching of a Christian community in Badami Bagh, Lahore where more than 178 Christian houses were torched. The government promised 500,000 Rupees to every family and promised to construct torched houses.

However, blasphemy laws create a fear of intimidation and harassment for members of minorities who are routinely victimized under the guise of these religious laws.

Aasia Bibi, a Christian mother of Five is accused of blasphemy on the death row and languishing behind the prison since June 2009 , pending an appeal.

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