Complaint filed against Christian baker after refusing lesbian couple a wedding cake

ShekinahToday 6th Feburary 2013: A Christian named Aron Klein faces a lot of turmoil after he refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

Mr Klein together with his wife Melissa runs a cake shop named “Sweet Cakes” in Gresham, Oregon. According to a news published in the Christian Post, Mr Klein is reported to have told the lesbian couple that “they are abomination to the Lord” and refused to serve the lesbian pair.


Melissa,decorator/designer and Aaron Klein, baker and their children in the background

One of the bride–to-be filed a complaint with the Attorney General Office that Mr Klein has made cake in the past for her mothers wedding day but now he refused to serve because of the sexual orientation while Mr Klein dined any use of volatile language.

In an on camera Interview to KATU Mr Klein said “ I apologize for wasting their (lesbian couple) time and said we do not do same-sex marriages. I honestly did not mean to hurt anybody, did not mean to make anybody upset, Its just something I believe in very strongly said Mr Klein.

The Oregon State in the US prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation on the Equality Act of 2007. Mr Klein who has received a lot of messages from the public who oppose same sex marriage believes, he has a right to practice his faith under the First Amendment.

According to Portland Attorney, Paula Barran told KATU that “ Statues don’t get to overcome constitutional protections, so if somebody had religious- based reason for wanting not to trade with somebody, I think you have a really interesting test case for whether or not a statute like this can apply said the Attorney.

A similar situation happened in 2011 to a home based baker, Victoria Chidlress from Des Moines, Iowa. However, the charges were dropped by the complaints (Lesbain couple) against her since she worked from home.

According to the reports, When asked from her if there is any advice she can give to Mr Klein, she said “ I would just tell him that God is with him and he is going to bless his business”.

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