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“A Just society is determined through the treatment of its minorities”

One would have to be egregiously undemocratic, unjust at heart or prejudiced towards minorities if one chooses to brand a society as just despite knowing that minorities in that society are being mistreated. An equal treatment of minorities in a … Continue reading

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CRY OF PEACE Pray to whoever you kneel down to: Jesus nailed to his wooden or marble or plastic cross, his suffering face bent to kiss you, Buddha still under the Bo tree in scorching heat, Adonai, Allah, raise your … Continue reading

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Food Crisis: 2.3 Million Children die from malnutrition every year

What hope G8 leaders might bring to the hungry and the poor? It is a fact that in the developing countries food is in abundance. However, when much is given, much is required as well. It is time that the … Continue reading

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