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“What is my future”? “Do minorities have any? ShekinahToday 24th September, 2013: ¬†Religious minorities in Pakistan have long suffered to get the freedom they have always yearned for since the creation of Pakistan in 1947. The country’s flag bears two … Continue reading

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United Kingdom

The Second International Coptic Symposium held in London Shekinahtoday 26th July, 2013:¬† The closing ceremony of Second International Coptic Symposium¬† was attended by His Excellency the Ambassador of Egypt and the Consul General, as well as numerous other official guests … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: Lukewarm Christians hurt the Church Passing on the faith with courage is an essential duty of all Christians. A lukewarm Christianity with no courage hurts the Church by creating divisions. This was the central message of Pope Francis’ … Continue reading

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