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Pakistan Security Lapse: Two Blasts rocked the Church

ShekinahToday 22nd September 2013: The old and historic church of Pakistan  was bombed in Khohati Gate, Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. More than 60 are killed are 125 are injured. The death toll is on the rise. Church … Continue reading

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ANOTHER CHRISTIAN BOOKED FOR BLASPHEMY ShekinahToday 31th May, 2013:  George Naz, a Christian resident  from Jehlum city on the bank of Jehlum River from the North of Punjab Province became another victim of Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws. According to the reports, George Naz … Continue reading

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Pakistan third-time likely Prime Minister urged to protect minorities’ rights ShekinahToday 12th March, 2013:  Sheraz Khan, the chief Executive of Global Minorities Alliance (GMA), a Glasgow based minority rights group,  while congratulating Pakistan PML (N) party’s victory in the general … Continue reading

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