Peace is all I need…

Peace is all what I need and long for

I want it and Live it

Away from all the clamour of life

And the burden of my days

Which devours my inner stream of joy

The ceaseless cosmetic life, I live

And the smile I wear, which brings nothing

But eyes and my heart drop heavy

Away from the peace, which I want

Instead I hear guns, and shouts of the men and women

Hankering for peace, they find none

And peace is my dream too

For everyone young or old

White or black, rich or poor

Wherever you are on the journey for peace

Pursue it, And It will feed your being

Like a bird who flies over the cliff

A joyful bliss,

Like a stream flowing under the glaring eyes of the sun

And the calmness which touches

The spirit of my being

The peace of my heart

And all what I yearn

When people shout

Peace, Peace, Peace



Shahid Khan, written on the 19th September for the UN International Day of Peace, 2013

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1 Response to Peace is all I need…

  1. Tahira yasmeen says:

    It is indeed a very good peom wrritten by shahid shahbaz khan,,,,, peace is very important in our life doesnot matter it is inthe form or heat peace,,,, mind peace or our environmental peace ,,,,without peace there is violence ,,,, peace is freedom from violence ,,equailty and justice create peace and harmonly in our life. May Allah help us to keep peace in the world.

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