The Peace of Humanity

Peace, has always been one of the most oft-spoken and sought-after value down to the very beginning of human history and civilization. The quest of peace is the paramount principle which still captures the minds and imagination of countless people in our day and age too. Has there been a shift in our thinking about peace of the world or we retracing the steps of our erstwhile generation. Looting and killing on the name of “Peace”?

Peace is a multifaceted word. It has different shades and flavors: Peace of mind, Peace of heart. The Greek word for peace means Irene, which for the students of the International relations means justice and equality, where law is seen as the way to establish peace in the region due to the bad governance.

George Orwell in his novel “Animal Farm” very articulately dubbed “power which corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. While those at the helm of power and authority manipulate the week and the vulnerable to gain a) more power b) more glory) c) more gain and while doing so they most times remain indifferent, careless, and classless to the damage they do to the common “peace” both in the hearts of their subject as well as in the region they reign.  The chaos, disorder, and destruction are the enemies of peace.

We all yearn for peace, both in our families, friends, and societies and around the world. How far the peace has been the portion of our lives despite the tremendous advance, modern man has made both in field of science, and technology.

The world needs more peace than ever before. The fear of war, attacks and bombs are our stark realities of our modern world. Peace of our world seems like a fool’s idea in the midst of these ever-growing conflicts between individuals, groups, religions, and countries.

Peace is where your heart lies- for the good of people around you and where it is appreciated not to advance one’s ulterior motives but to spread the grand and missing values of love, peace, harmony and equality which are the fundamental values/rights of every human beings, regardless of any race, religions, language, ethnicity or based on the gender.


The very essence of our human life is to love, and care. Yet we do love and care only where we have our invested interest but generally we ignore the importance of “Love” principle seeing people suffering, pain and in agony we turn a blind eye to the needs of suffering humanity.

In countries where there is poverty, drought, political and religious instability, everyone is involved in their self-interested design and careless about the needs of their own people, families and children dying out of hunger, war, and conflicts.

In our day and age we boast as a human race we have achieved a lot. Yes we did. However, I believe we act on the same level as our previous generations, who looted, killed and danced the death of innocent. Our boasting of advancement carries no weight if we are lost in the whirlpool of our own self-interested lives hooked on more glory and more power.

The peace starts through the depths of your heart and it later encompasses everything around you. The spirit of peace is the contentment of your heart. The peace is only achieved if we believe that we are here to love and care. Not to win and destroy others but believe in the commonality of purpose and the betterment of life for each other. Having one accord and working for the only one design before our very eyes – The betterment of our human race.

We have to be proud of what we do in our lives, than to regret and hide our faces when our children ask the question we would not have answers for.

Shahid Khan was born in Pakistan and holds a degree in English Literature and sociology. He writes profusely on Christian themes and social issues. He lives in the United Kingdom.

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11 Responses to The Peace of Humanity

  1. Tahira yasmeen says:

    Thats awesome ,,,,,,,,,,,,,it is true peace and satisfication is very important in the life of human more than any thing ,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Tahira yasmeen says:

    Fights create hate in the world but peace and harmony create love .

  3. varinder singh says:

    waoo thats great very nice article based on peace
    yes of course life is like hell without peace . How much u get fame , name , money , level nd post if u r not satisfied nd haven’t peace in life then u have nothing ,,
    by the way ur article is heart touching very nice
    Good luck 🙂

    • Hi Varinder, Thanks very much for your message and kind words of encouragement. Stay in tuned

      • Tahira yasmeen says:

        For shekinah,,,,,,,,,,,,,hi i love to read all the articles ,,,,,very heart touching and based on reality,,i always encourage my friends to read them,,,we get many knowlegde and important information from them, which help to create many positive changes in our life ,,,,,sir shahid shahbaz khan ‘s articles are always great ,,,,,,,best of luck ,,Allah bless you

    • Tahira yasmeen says:

      Wah sardar g tusi te changa bhala pasand kita ,,,,jao its credit goes to me ,,,i compeled u to read this and share

  4. Saira Zainab says:

    It is very heart touching article ,,,,,,,,,so nice
    Allah bless you and best of luck .

  5. Sana Zainab says:

    Wonderful wording ,,heart touching

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