Thankful or Thankless

Let us give thanks for everything we have in our lives. Everything which constitutes our existence and adds to our life deserves our thanks and appreciation.  How good are we to acknowledge things which matter in our lives?  The small little things which we tend to wink at, such things which make impact on our lives yet we are unaware of the power which exudes from them- our only source and tower of strength in the times when the rubber hits the road. Things which sometimes are unnoticed,  the chirping birds, a dancing squirrel playing with nuts and a firm handshake.

Let us thank on “little” which we have than to moan about the “big” things which we yearn to have in our blurred future. Let us think that “Today” is the last day of our lives – How can I live and make my moments eternal – by helping the helpless and making best of my life, being thankful for today than to worry about tomorrow.


Most of times we tend to believe as if “I” am the most important part of the universe (even when we are far from it ) Let us think “others” for a moment. Those who are steeped into abject poverty, victims of natural calamities, besieged with myriads of financial, social, moral whirlpool of problems. Let us think for a moment those who have had no food for some days now. Let us feel what it means to be “hungry”- devoid of food and basic necessity. Let us think how we want to make our homes cosy and comfortable with all the luxuries of life something even beyond our paying capacity and ponder for a moment about those who are roofless and shelter less and shirtless.  How do we take our friends and families for granted than those who have everything yet they do not have any friends – a bunch of self interested opportunists who disappear soon their interests are gained. Does not the “little we have deserve our thanks?

In the hum drum of our lives, we nine times out of ten disremember the beauty the life offers. Only because we are focused much too much on our problems in our private life or stressed out due to our nagging boss that we miss the unalloyed smile of a baby sitting in the buggy next to us in a bus. Unshared feelings of anxiety down us double.

How often do we thank each other and appreciate those who contributed in our lives and made us who we are today. Our parents, guardians, teachers, friends, family. The time is ticking how far will it go than to enter where return is impossible to tell them you care to say thank you.

How long will you take to tell that your beloved that you  are the one who matter and I love you before it is too late to regret…

Being thankful adds to our stature. It gives us the feeling and we take life on a positive note. You will see how being thankful for small little things start to impact on your bigger things in your life…

Just remember to say ” Thank You”

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6 Responses to Thankful or Thankless

  1. Sana says:

    Its so good ,,,,awesome ,,we must think about this

  2. Jane says:

    well done . Bless u

  3. Jane says:

    I must say, we should always be thankful.

  4. Saira Zainab says:

    Wow it is so nice article v must thankful to other……..
    best of luck and Allah bless u

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