The Conquering Lord

The dark and dull night of pain and suffering of crucifixion which shook Jerusalem upside down was still haunting its citizens including Jesus’ followers. Some of them were disappointed, dispirited and discouraged. The whole epic of “going after him” turned out to be a real facade which not only put them in the danger but it also belied their hopes for a “change”. They found themselves in a precarious situation of ridicule, danger and even intimidation.

Lost and deserted by the man who gave them the “hopes”, now himself clinched and caught by the inescapable stings of death, was too much to bear for the uneducated, simpleton-hearted fishermen. It turned out to be a wild goose chase.

During Jesus’ life, He detailed his closest bunch of followers about his suffering, death and resurrection. All what was said by the Prophets and the Law must be fulfilled and the Son of Man has to undergo the suffering. He must overcome death and be raised on the third day. None of them thought it to be true.

So, this fearful, leaderless bunch of followers locked themselves up in their homes in a bid to get away from the wrath of the religious establishment and Roman wrath  who were after disciples to catch and persecute them also.

I wonder how dumbfounded Jesus’ disciples must have been ?

Imagine if you are one of Jesus’ disciples and you left all your life behind, your business, your family, your town and took a lead after a man who promised you life and then this man ends up on a cross. How would you all understand this ?

Your hopes, wishes and dreams are dashed to the ground. Their lives seems to have stood still for all these disciples.

The Death was the last enemy Jesus was  to conquer. As it is written in 1Corinthians  “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” 15:55


The son of Man should conquer the death so that all those who believe in him will be raised at the Judgment day. The life after grave was promised by only Jesus but before that he must undergo and experience the death so that he can promise life to those who believe in him.

I believe the day after Jesus Crucifixion was the test of Jesus’ disciples. It was like the “test” day for all what Jesus had been teaching to his disciples during his earthly ministry.

The Pharisees and religious establishment of Jesus’ day  knew that Jesus said that he must rise again; So they secured the grave under tight control and security  by putting more soldiers at the entrance of the tomb and sealed which carried name of Pilate so that anyone to break the seal will be subject to the wrath of Roman Authority.

Jesus conquered death and won “LIFE” back to him and for those who would believe in him. He broke the seal of death by rising from the dead, fulfilling his words that he must rise again.

Jesus victory over death is the greatest moment in the human history. All what Jesus taught to his disciples kissed the ground of reality. Now it was their turn to reach to the world with the message of Gospel. The task which these poor, uneducated and weak villagers of Jerusalem took on board after witnessing the “Risen Christ” in their midst.

Imagine the deep joy of the fear-stricken people when they saw their risen, conquering Lord in their midst. The joy of having Jesus back and the sense of achievement must have been a titanic encouragement to them.

The message of the Gospel was to be preached to all Nations of the World. . Suffering, death and tribulations was not to hinder the message of Gospel.  The message of the Cross was to deliver to Jerusalem, Judea and across the world.

The message of the Cross is the victory over death. The punishment has not part in the life of those who believe in Jesus. There is hope and unending joy for those who put their trust in the life and death of Jesus.

His death is a reality and His resurrection is the hope for the World.

Happy Easter.


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