Christian Covert gunned down by Muslim

ShekinahToday 2oth Feburary 2012: A Hindu Christian convert, Roshan Masih, resident of Jughian Asam Town Lahore, in Southern City of Lahore, Punjab Province has been gunned down by a local Muslim man, Sohail Akhtar, on 16th Feburary, 2012.

The 45 year old victim is reported to have migrated from Behwal Nagar, administrative district of Fortabas in Punjab Province of Pakistan more than 20 years ago.

Map of Lahore

On Saturday, 16th Feburary, a local Muslim resident of Jughian Asam Town had a verbal religious altercation with Mr Roshan Masih which enraged the religious feelings of Sohail Akhtar son of Muhammed Akhtar who took law in his own hands and killed the innocent Christian.

Police has registered a First Investigation Report (FIR) under Article 302 section of Pakistan Penal Court gainst Sohail Akhtar and arrested him on charges of murder. He is waiting upon a trial.

Speaking to ShekinahToday advocate Mushtaq Gill said that “It was a trivial talk which resulted in the death of an innocent Christian”. He further added that members of minorities are often subject to unjust behaviour from the members of public as well from the law enforcement agencies and minorities are generally treated as second class citizens.

Commenting on the plight of minorities in Pakistan Mr Gill mentioned: “Christian members do not have right to certain public sectors and they are denied jobs or sacked by their Muslim employers”. He added they are routinely subject to intimidation, harassment, and violence.

Christians who are the largest minorities in Pakistan demand equality, justice and freedom to live their lives according to their Christian faith.

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