Coptic Pope Tawadros II raises concern for Christians

ShekinahToday 11.02.2013 Pope Tawadros II expressed  his worry that the situation  of Copts in Egypt is going to get worse in near future.

In a meeting with the  chairman in parliament of  the German  party Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Volker Kauder, on 8th of February His Eminency said that despite the reassurance of the Egyptian Government and the  Muslim brotherhood to secure an open society he expect future to be difficult for Christians.

MP Volker Kauder with Pope Tawadros

MP Volker Kauder with Pope Tawadros

It was the first meeting of the newly elected Coptic Pope with a German politician.

Mr Kauder stated deep concern and worry after the meeting with Pope Tawadros II. He said that in the past representatives of the Christian minorities did not express fears for future to this extend.

He appealed to the Egyptian Government and to the Muslim brotherhood to take action to grant religious freedom as they propagate it.

In a short visit in Berlin, Germany in January Egypt’s president Mohammad Mursi announced that his country would be in a democratic transition process to a free constitutional state after the German Chancellor Angela Merkel found clear words against any development which would deny freedom to Egypt’s people. Mursi is member of the Muslim brotherhood who push Islamic Sharia law to be an essential part of Egypt’s constitution.

Mr Kauder said that if the situation for minorities would deteriogate it would be the respensibilty of Germany to highlight this through their contacts in Egypt immediately. He went on that the withdrawal of foreign aid should not be used to pressurise the Egyptian Government since this would “only fall back on the minorities and worsen their situation.”

Copts represent the biggest minority in Egypt with an estimated 10 million members. Other Christians denominations are Catholic (200.000 members), Greek-othodox (40.000 members) and Protestants (30.000 members). The rest of Egypt’s 83 million population is Muslim.

Coptic Christians have been targeted by Muslims multiple times in the recent past. In one of the latest incidents a mob of 3000 Muslims raided the Christian homes of in the village of Al-Marashda in Qena after a local Coptic shop keeper was accused of sexually abusing a 6 year old Muslim girl. (read more)

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