Christians fear persecution over upcoming Hindu Fundamentalist convention

ShekinahToday 2nd February, 2013 : Christians in Karnataka state of India have expressed their deep concerns about the forthcoming Hindu Fundamentalist convention which is due to take place on 3rd of February.

The Global Council for Indian Christians (GCIC)  has asked National Human Rights commission  and the chief minister of the statue to make sure that during the convention, rights and the properties of Christians remain intact.

Rashtriya Sawayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a Hindu ultra-nationalist group chiefly responsible for violence towards ethnic and religious minorities in India  is said to be close to Baharatiay Janata Party (BJP) an extremist Hindu group.

According to the President of GCIC said “There are already attempts to inculcate Hindutva (Hindu Ideology) from textbooks.

In 2008, with the anti-Christians programmes in Orissa, Karnataka was responsible for attacking Churches as well as the Christian communities.  Karnataka is also considered as one of the most dangerous states for the minority which has outnumbered rest of India for attacks on minorities group with 41 cases of violence out of total 135 attacks in India

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