Peace In Our Times

Peace is often regarded as one of the biggest and highest human values. I think it would not be garnishing the truth to say that “Peace is the mother of all Justices”. Peace lies in the heart of every ill like violence, dissension, conflict, disagreement and disunity in our world. It is a very pivotal part of the process to make this world come closer by bridging gaps to pave the roads of peace across our world.


In the deep and changing whirlpool of the world´s conflicts of various sort, be that religious, political, social and spiritual the journey towards peace is a million miles, the more we think about peace the more we are marooned and ingrained with the idea as if peace is unachievable in our times.

There is not a single area in our lives which is unaffected without “Peace”.  From politics to law, from societies to customs and from communities to families, Peace is what we all seek sooner or later. Peace is inevitable stepping stone towards the ultimate goal to level intolerance, hatred, inequality, conflicts in our lives.

However, the complete opposite result happens. The more we need and crave for peace, unfortunately, less we find it. The peace is a rare treasure in our lives.

Peace is multi-layered and diverse in its being. It´s multi-faceted qualities and the nature of peace seen at different perspective make peace even more complicated but yet achievable. The difference in opinion about peace does not mean we cannot achieve it but it should rather make us even more motivated to work to get it .  A peace for a solider battling for his country is a ceasefire, whereas a peace for a man persecuted is the harmony among the ill-assorted groups. Peace can only be entirely different for a hermit in a monastery than an artist painting his magnum opus. A peace for a prisoner is a freedom. A peace for thirsty is a water.

So where do we meet each other in our different expression and cravings of peace?

The distance between privilege and responsibility lays the “peace”.  It is the reason why there are so many evils which are cankering the roots of our families, communities, societies and countries. The same distance is getting widened with every passing day leaving us unaware of the repercussion it might cause on an individual level as well as on a national and International level.

If I may ask my dear readers a simple question about peace which is: “How far you have been at peace with your family, friends and relatives?”

To conquer the world sounds like a very grandiose idea, it attracts a lot of attention from all fabric of the society, be at home and abroad but how far we are able to resolve the issues at hand which we can exercise our influence to let peace flourish in the circles of our families and friends, let alone reaching out to the global peace?  If peace is the answer to all our questions from persecution to the hunger and from war to poverty in the world. How far we are successful in gaining peace at a personal level?

The “self” is the arch enemy for peace at any level which poses an insurmountable challenge for peace.

If we peep into the human history we come to know that “Peace” is what everyone who ever lived on the face of earth hankered for it. Some fought for it, some conspired for it, some tried to achieve it with human feat and some just desired it and some worked for it.

We can achieve peace if we are willing to conquer our “Self” and surrender our benefits, privileges, comforts to make small effort in establishing peace at personal level, how much more we can make a peace at National and International level if we all get our acts together and strive for the Global peace.

The nature of the Peace is that it is inherently active and not passive. We would have to make a difference in the lives of the very human beings. Every human being has to contribute to achieve the peace in our world and in our times.  As peace can only be achieved and conquered through open dialogue, discussion, adjustments, decision and resolutions.

How far we are achieved into promoting peace in our neighborhoods rests how responsible we live.

Bio Shahid Khan

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