Kosovo Muslims provoke Serbian Christians under the eyes of the EU and the US

The Balkan has been a region of unending conflicts between groups of different ethnics and religions throughout the 20th century. At the end of the 20th century the conflicts caused war which urged the NATO to send troops. The wars ended the split up of the Federation of Yugoslavia and created new countries known as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia-Montenegro.

The region of Kosovo, being disputed by Serbia and Albania as their territory die not come to rest though. In 1999 NATO and UN were forced to take action in Kosovo again to calm the conflict. Kosovo remained under UN administration and finally in 2008 Kosovo declared its independence as the Republic of Kosovo but is not recognized by Serbian Government.

The Kosovo is dominantly populated by Albanian Muslims but the North is home to Serbian Christian. Within the conflicts of 1999 the Muslim group of Mujaheedin scared the world with fighting for Kosovo’s independence by targeting the Serbian Christians.

Militias of the Mujaheedin terrorized Christian villages destroying properties, murdering men and children and raping women.

Many of the Mujaheedin once fighting in Kosovo are suspected to support Islamists in Mali and Somalia today.

Under the UN administration the Mujaheedin would be prevented of their actions but the conflict between Muslims and Christians remained.

Unconfirmed reports tell of the destruction of of the Serbian Orthodox Monastery of Assumption of the Virgin by local Albanians. As why they did target the monastery they accused Bishop Pachomiusof raping boys.

Mujaheedin Memorial in Presevo

Often random arresting of Christians by Kosovar police is reported especially at high holidays of the Christian Community.

Recently the Kosovo Albanians started setting up memorials for the fallen soldiers of the Mujaheedin – especially in the north in the communities of Christians which once became victims to the Mujaheedin.

These actions remain widely unnoticed by Western media where EU-States along with the USA rather want to paint a picture of the pacified Balkans. Reports can only be found randomly in local media.

The Albanian Government being aware of their charter does not take action to protect the Christian Minority in the North.

In some places the memorials have been destroyed by unknown people. In others the Christian community appealed to the Serbian Government to take action.

The Serbian Government urged the Kosovar Government to bring down the memorials otherwise action would be taken by Serbian authorities to remove them.


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