Leave Me Alone


“I do not need God!” She said and walked away.

Years have gone by, since I met this lady in a busy London street market while sharing and conversing with people in the street. The message of love and God is the least option for the loveless world. Her curt and abrupt response towards the love of God left a very deep and imperishable impact on my heart.

Did she really mean she does not need love in her life? Or was she too busy in her life to think about it?

God is often described in Bible as someone who is compassionate abounds in love and He is slow to anger. The deep seated love God towards the world and his people is his instinct which has been a glaring feature of his being. The never ending love of God is nucleus of his entity. Love is the alpha and omega of his life. God + Love = Man.

It is highly unimaginable the response which we give towards the love of God. For instance “We are too busy”. “I do not need God”.  “God is a figment of antiquity”.

Fair enough but on the other hand Love is all I want and need in my life. We work hard day and night and all our lives we with one single aim consciously or unconsciously – love and to be loved.

To me Love without God is like, I want to swim but I do not want to be wet.

The real source of love is God. If we know God everything in life it will have its different meaning. The love of God transforms everything and has power to change everything.

Everything else in our world is subject to change. Look at the mirror. Ten years ago we looked different than what we are today; another next ten year will be all different. The changes are bound to happen. Look around the world. Our towns, shops, homes change swiftly than we can imagine of.

Governments are toppled, leaders come and go, laws are changed, some are transformed, some are repealed, and some are kept on. Buildings are made, the next day they are destroyed, New plans come every day. The cycle of change goes on.

How about change in our relationships. The capriciousness of our lives, the continuous change of friends, places, partners, and marriages in everything the change is inevitable. There is not a single thing in our world which is not bound to change.

The love of God is the only thing which remains changeless. The only thing I know for sure remains unchanged.

How do I know it?

I have a deep seated conviction in my heart that every step I take in my life is guided and steered by God. He is the centre of my life. His love for me is with me. He is my light on my path of darkness and illuminates my dark sides of person. He confronts what is bad and puts me in the love of his life. The love of God manifest in the good of the people. God is care in the world, God is compassion in the world, God is love in the world. God is bread in the world and God is life in the world.

Sometimes love does not come as easy as we often think it is. In this day and age love is sometimes taken for granted, a cheap commodity with easy access. More than often we think, If I am loved or I am not loved does not make much difference as long as I have a job and I pay my taxes. All is fine.

I can write a lot about the beautiful place I went, or a wonderful dish I tried, You can never feel the taste until you try it yourself.

“Love of God” is the same. You would have to trust him to experience his love. He is unchanged but able to transform your life, if you are willing to allow him in your life to transform your life as never before.

Don’t be so loveless to shut God out , or pigeonhole him for “someday” .

Let him come into your hearts and let him transform, fashion and shape your life, like a skillful potter to make you a priceless worth- beyond the world can ever think of.

God is waiting for you with open arms - welcome him!

God is waiting for you with open arms – welcome him!


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