Exodus: Christians fleeing Egypt for lives


Shekinahtoday: 16th January, 2013:  The Coptic Christians in Egypt are on an exodus to America and Canada with fresh fear of uncertainty that looms large on minorities after the country is taken over by Islamists.

The strong victory of the Muslim Salafists in the parliament and the election of their member president Mursi leaves no hope for secure lives for Minorities in Egypt. The Salafists aim on imposing strict Shariah laws in Egypt  including clearing the country of any infidels.

The continuous marginalization of Christians in Egypt is a deep concern for human rights organization since that strict rule of Shariah is clearly designed to be used against non-Muslims.

A Christian member of Egyptian upper house of parliament, Nadia Henry, resigned because of Islamic dominance against the legislative authority.

The Coptic Christians have been target of persecution in Egypt more and more in recent years. The current climate has made them more susceptible to Islamists.

In 2010 on the New Year’s eve, a Coptic Church was bombed and 23 Christians killed.

According to a new report in the Telegraph, around 100,000 coptic Christians left Egypt. Around 40,000 of them arrived in the US under asylum or employment visa.

The situation is Egypt has taken worse turn with the new constitution which extolls Islam and strict rule of Shriah Law- However, minorities in Egypt are living in ceaseless fear and insecurity and subject to killings.

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