India: Gang Rape Victim loses battle for life

ShekinahToday 28th December, 2012: A 23 year old Indian girl who became victim of gangrape triggered country wide cry against the atrocious act by her tormentors who raped her. Later she was thrown out of a moving bus in New Delhi in India and is now battling for life in the hospital.


The girl who was operated for several injuries in India after she was gang raped on 16th of December is suffering from multi organ failure. She was air lifted to Mount Elizabeth Queen Hospital in Singapore where doctors have put her on ventilation since she suffers brain, abdomen and lungs injuries and in critical condition.

New Delhi has highest number of sex crimes in India where an incident is reported every 18 hours on average according to police figures.

The rape cases in India has soaring high by nearly 17 percent between 2007 and 2011 according to the Government statistics.

Even though India has made significant progress in may walks of life, the male dominated society always looks down for women who become victims of man´s barbaric and inhuman treatment every now and then.

Update ShekinahToday 28.12.2012, 22:10 GMT

According to the statement by Singapore Mount Elizabeth Hospital the 23 year old gang raped victim died in late hours of 28th December, 2012.

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