What A World?

Each Morning brings

The gales of wind

The loss of life

In world of strife

In wars and bombs

No one succumbs

Death which Stings

The saga begins

Few soldiers lost

At freedom’s cost

New people die

Each morning nigh

Crumbles down

My spirit frown

This world so mean

But death and loss

Few tears it costs

Some nodding head

Their funerals gone

With gales of wind

Each morning brings

The dirge of death

With wintry gales

My day begins

 Bio Shahid Khan

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3 Responses to What A World?

  1. There is much pain on this planet. Earth has been a battlefield ever since Adam failed. Even rising from bed each day to earn another day of living by the sweat of my brow is a battle I have wearied of, but will continue for the sake of earning another day. Some groups of people avoid talking of such things because it might not be faith. However, if we wear such rose colored glasses that we fail to see the hurting around us, then our faith is a selfish faith, and not the faith of God at all. Real faith is not afraid to look at reality, roll up its sleeves and shine the love of God in the face of a hurting planet. I think this poem captures a certain aspect of our reality. There are those who might say this poem is too negative, but I see it as raw truth. Yes, our planet has “beauty” also, but for every mountain vista you have enjoyed, what kind of price did you pay down in the valley, in order to get there? A price well worth it I would agree, but the natural tendency of this planet is wilderness and wildness, not civilization and gardens. We create these good things against the natural flow of this world. When a religion tries to keep its own people in dreaded fear by killing Christians who do not fight back, and when other religions, such as radical Islam, try to force their belief system on others, through threats of death, that is an evil of the worse kind. Who can know of such things and not agree that this poem has a very real place on planet earth? We all need to stay in prayer for each other, because this planet is spinning very rapidly towards a very dark day.

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