Stories from Life – The Corn Hawker

 Christopher Khalid is a 12 year old Christian boy. He lives in the slums of  Sector G-7 in the heart of Pakistan´s capital city, Islamabad. He lives with his three brothers and two sisters and he is the eldest in the family. Christoper is an intelligent young boy who has passion to study but he can not go to school becuase his father Aslam Masih is a poor man. He can not afford to send his children to schools even though he is working hard as a street hawker. His father sells roasted corn for the price of 5 rupees. On a good day Aslam makes 100 rupees. Christoper helps his father by calling for getting attention of customers all day long.
After a long day work out in streets of Islamabad Christopher and his father Aslam return their home. Knackered and exhausted. The family of 7 shares one room with no electricity in a mud house. Christoper´s mother Hamida is ill but the medicine she needs cost thousands of rupees.An impossible challenge for the family.
Christoper helps his mother who is bed-ridden due to her illness. Christoper takes care of his siblings and gives them whatever he finds in their most times empty food storage.
Christopher sometimes climbs on his roof top and stares at the stars-spangled sky. He loves gazing at the full moon . It makes him wonder if other kids would look at the moon like himself and if he will ever have a time to play and read with other boys.
But then Christopher lies down to sleep on the floor with his family . He is lost in his dreams but soon enough his father wakes him up to be ready for the next day work.
His life goes on…..

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