University of life

    Amongst others, I am also a student in University of life without walls. I never formally applied for it but one day I found myself in it. Now I am one of its students among billions of us. This realization for having admitted to University of life comes to everyone, sooner or later. The sooner it comes, the better it is. The course which is outlined is tough and guidelines are strict to pass through its test. The timeline for the test is the whole life.

The process of learning is sometimes excruciating amidst myriads of experiences of good and bad what dear life throws on all of us. The lessons in life continue with its harsh, benign, mysterious ways to divulge each and every part on each and every day till the course of our lives culminates at our deaths.

Life in general is a lifelong learning process. We learn every day and every minute of our lives only if we keep an open, learning and teachable attitude. The fruits of learning from life are sweeter than fruits of nature. The lessons learned from Life are more impressionable than learning from highly fabled professor in a university’s auditorium. The realities and tragedies in life are more etched on the tablets of our memories than any other novel or drama we read in the comfort of our reading rooms. The people and pain in our lives are more real than the any pain painted by any fiction Novelist.

Welcome to the University of Life. Where we all are students to learn what comes on our ways. Regardless of our different levels, backgrounds, intellects and positions. We all are part of the same process.

I would like to mention few points which we need to be keep in mind before launching any degree into the university of life.

Our Syllabus is our life:

Unlike any other degrees in the world which demand countless books to lay hands on the only course book suggested is the book of life. It covers every subject in the human history. It has sub chapters of life within. We need to learn from every passage and phase of our life to make a prudent decision in the end. The wrong decision or conclusion will take us back to the first page or fail us into the test. It contains everything for everyone. The one who is able to read and pass through book of life has much to share with others. Those who take the book of life easy are confronted with myriads of problems. They are easily confused and give in. The secrets of the books are learnt to unlock the complexities of life. Those who study it learn it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Every life has a purpose

Some people find the purpose in their lives. Others live life purposelessly long before the course is over. Those who find their purpose in life make good use of their life. They aim on things; hooked on hard work, sit on seat of determination and commitment to make sure their purpose in life is fulfilled. They face mountains of troubles which try to steer them away from the purpose of their lives but they keep on, press on with a fresh hope born every day in their hearts to see the realization of their purpose come true.


Test of time

Our time at university is short and limited. It could be our arch rival. We need to beat it before it beats us. The nature of time is tricky. It has wings. It flies like a bird cutting into the currents of winds and goes from one corner of the sky to another in few winks of an eye and we wonder what was here is gone now.

I also feel time as a mysterious fairy tale which may give us an impression of a jolly good start yet it carries within itself the harsh realities and ironies which develop and come to its horizon as the story unfolds. What starts with songs and dance and feasts end up with sad melody of life which linger on long into the years.

Time in life is very crucial thing which can make us or break us. If we want to make best use of our lives then we need to make sure that our time is well and best spent. We need to chart our lives with much contemplation and making every day a bonus towards getting closer to the goal of our lives.

Failures are good Professors for Success. 

In the process of learning, mistakes are bound to happen by making mistakes in our lives we come to know the true worth of making it right – Success.  Our failures in our lives are just like reference books, we get insight and understanding to make the problem or query right. It does have its own significance but they are more like guides on our way to success. We need to understand that by making good decisions in present can pave our way to success.

Failures in life are good Professors. They teach us life’s important lessons.  In my humble opinion, sorrows out of failure make us wise, prudent and more meticulous of things which we might wink at otherwise. They also give us insight knowledge about things and when dealing with matters and people in our lives. The observation in life is further honed by our daily experiences.

The loss and gain game in our lives is what makes life little more exciting that we think it is. Imagine you lose something dear in your life; It may be an object, money or person. The loss creates a vacuum but the thought of filling that vacuum with achievement and gain inspires you to move and press on even in the tempest of troubles.


Graduation Day

Life undoubtedly is a mysterious gift of God. It is a gorgeous blend of smiles and sighs, tears and fears, silence and gossip. Some cherished moments few lifelong friends, family and relatives which make our lives exciting and worth endeavouring for in this University of Life.

We yearn for new ventures, we wrestle and struggle in our lives to aim and achieve. Some get to their desired results, some are in the process of it and some loose the battle of life before they reach to the aim of their life.

Graduation Day is the day when we realize and admit to be a student in University of life. We need to unlearn the old way of life and learn anew from there on.  Unlike going through a book from cover to cover and then sit in Exams University of life is about a day at a time. Every Day is a day to learn, a day to loose, and a day to achieve the unspeakable blend of failure and success until we die.

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10 Responses to University of life

  1. Marianne says:

    Great post, thank you!

  2. Jane says:

    Very beautiful piece of writing, really enjoyed reading it .
    God bless u and may you have more strength to face and pass the tests in this university x

  3. Zellie M. Quinn says:

    Nice post! Great outlook!

  4. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a
    blog that’s both educative and interesting, and without a doubt,
    you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is an
    issue that not enough folks are speaking intelligently about.
    I am very happy I found this in my hunt for something relating
    to this.

  5. I really like it when individuals get together and share opinions.
    Great blog, keep it up!

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